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Lifting Services

Atlantas are your trusted source for a comprehensive array of lifting personnel services. Committed to excellence, we offer a diverse range of skilled professionals, including Appointed Persons, Crane Supervisors, Slinger Signallers, and Banksmen, catering to the dynamic needs of various industries.


Our Specialized Personnel Services:


1. Certified Appointed Persons: Atlantas provides certified Appointed Persons equipped with the expertise to oversee and plan lifting operations, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and project efficiency.


2. Experienced Crane Supervisors: Rely on our team of experienced Crane Supervisors who bring extensive knowledge to every lifting operation, ensuring seamless coordination and control.


3. Slinger Signallers: Our team of skilled Slinger Signallers is proficient in the precise attachment and detachment of loads, contributing to the safe and efficient execution of lifting tasks.


4. Professional Banksmen: Atlantas offers professional Banksmen who play a crucial role in signalling and communicating with crane operators, promoting a secure lifting environment.


Why Choose Atlantas?


- Competent, Trained, and Experienced: At Atlantas, our personnel are not just skilled; they are competent, extensively trained, and boast valuable experience in their respective roles.


- Expertise Across Roles: Benefit from our team's expertise in Appointed Persons, Crane Supervisors, Slinger Signallers, and Banksmen roles.


- Safety-Centric Approach: Our personnel strictly adhere to safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved in lifting operations.


- Continuous Training: Atlantas invests in continuous training to keep our personnel updated on the latest lifting technologies and industry best practices.


- Customized Solutions: Collaborate closely with Atlantas to tailor personnel solutions to your project's specific lifting requirements.


Get in Touch:


Whether you need certified Appointed Persons, experienced Crane Supervisors, skilled Slinger Signallers, or professional Banksmen, Atlantas has your lifting personnel needs covered. Our team is ready to discuss your requirements and provide specialist personnel tailored to your project's needs.

lifting services
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lifting services
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