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Discover excellence in onsite welding services with Atlantas, where precision meets innovation. Our certified and highly skilled coded welders, accompanied by multiple visual welding inspectors, are ready to tackle diverse welding projects, from structural supports in the heart of London to elegant stainless steel balustrades.


Why Choose Atlantas for Onsite Welding:


1. Coded Welders:

   - At Atlantas, our welders are not just skilled; they are coded welders, certified to the highest industry standards. Expect precision and quality in every weld.


2. Experienced Visual Welding Inspectors:

   - Quality assurance is paramount. Our multiple visual welding inspectors ensure that every weld meets stringent quality and safety standards, providing you with peace of mind.


3. Versatility in Welding Projects:

   - From welding 600 tonnes of structural supports for high-rise buildings in central London to crafting stainless steel balustrades, Atlantas is your partner in diverse onsite welding needs.


4. Comprehensive Welding Supplies:

   - Our welding teams come fully equipped with a comprehensive range of welding supplies, ready to undertake any type of works. We bring the tools, expertise, and commitment to excellence directly to your site.


Our Onsite Welding Services:


1. Structural Support Welding:

   - Atlantas excels in welding structural supports, providing the foundation for high-rise buildings and ensuring the stability and integrity of critical structures.


2. Stainless Steel Balustrade Welding:

   - Elevate your space with our expertise in welding stainless steel balustrades. Our teams bring precision and artistry to every weld, enhancing the aesthetic and safety of your environment.


Why Atlantas for Onsite Welding:


- Commitment to Quality:

   - Quality is the cornerstone of our onsite welding services. Our certified welders and experienced inspectors ensure that every weld meets the highest industry standards.


- Safety First:

   - Safety is non-negotiable. Atlantas prioritizes safety in every welding project, implementing rigorous protocols to create secure work environments.


- Project Versatility:

   - No project is too big or too small. Atlantas undertakes diverse welding projects, showcasing our versatility and expertise in the field.


Get in Touch:


Ready to experience the pinnacle of onsite welding services? Contact Atlantas today to discuss your specific welding needs. Whether it's structural supports, balustrades, or other welding projects, our certified teams are here to bring precision and excellence to your site. Choose Atlantas for welding solutions that stand the test of time. Let's weld excellence together!

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